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NMS: Remanufacturing Makes Equipment Reborn


At the project site in a small town in Perak, Malaysia, a jaw crusher that has been overhauled is running smoothly.

A jaw crusher that has been overhauled is running smoothly

This jaw crusher of an international well-known brand JM1108 (current model CJ411:01) has served customer for 30 years. The perennial rain erosion has made it rusty. It has been used for many years and can no longer work. It has to be reduced to scrap. By chance, the Malaysian customer, the owner of this equipment, learned that Jiangxi Gold Intelligent Service Engineering Co., Ltd. (GIS), a subsidiary of NMS, could provide remanufacturing service and give new life to the old equipment. He tried to contact NMS Malaysia employee.

After communication and understanding, as well as careful inspection and value evaluation of the equipment, the remanufacturing service personnel of GIS gave a feasible transformation plan. Through a series of difficult and complex processed like disassembly, cleaning, repair and other work, as well as the replacement of bearings and parts damaged due to long-term improper maintenance for the equipment, and through assembly, painting, replacement, testing and other processes, this remanufactured equipment has taken on a new look, the performance of the equipment has returned to its original state, and its service life has been effectively extended. When the equipment returned to work and ran smoothly, the Malaysian customer could not help but give a thumbs-up.

Before overhaul

The above is a case of GIS providing remanufacturing service for the user. So what is remanufacturing? As the name implies, remanufacturing refers to the process of using the old equipment as the rough part and adopting special processes and technologies to carry out professional repair or upgrading, so that its quality characteristics are not lower than the new former product. As a scientific and technological enterprise with research, design, product development, equipment manufacturing and production & operation of mineral and aggregates processing technology, NMS has a group of CNC machining equipment, the largest annealing furnace in Jiangxi, metal laser additive reconstruction technology, professional processing & assembly production line, commissioning site and laboratory, with obvious resource advantages.

In order to further meet market demand, GIS, relying on the strong processing and manufacturing capacity of its parent company, greatly develops remanufacturing business, and provides users with services such as repair and treatment of large wear parts, equipment maintenance and upgrading, and transformation and upgrading of control systems. At present, it has undertaken remanufacturing orders of mechanical equipment of several well-known enterprises, helping the returned equipment recover its performance, upgrade its functions, extend its service life, reduce costs and increase efficiency for users.

The responsible of GIS remanufacturing says: “The quality of remanufacturing equipment may be better than that of the original one, because we can not only restore its original performance, but also redesign and upgrade the equipment, so that some original design defects or lack of functions can be remedied. At the same time, we also provide the same quality assurance services for remanufactured products as new.”

At the beginning of 2021, the owner of a limestone project in Anhui planned to implement technical transformation for the production line, and he planned to apply a JC1200 jaw crusher (ex-factory time was July 2012) that has been used for 10 years in NMS to the new production line. The project itself had entered the bidding stage for the new crusher, but in response to the green low-carbon cycle development strategy proposed by the country under the goal of carbon neutrality, the project party decided to renovate and upgrade the equipment with a long production period and limited intelligence after many communications with GIS  remanufacturing.

Obviously, the equipment function has completely failed to keep up with the pace of upgrading, and can’t meet the existing intelligent control needs of customers. Considering the cost, remanufacturing staff had tailored a set of systematic upgrading and transformation plan for the equipment in combination with the current situation and process requirements. By installing the new PLC intelligent control system produced by NMS Automation Technology Co., Ltd. (AT, NMS Subsidiary) to optimize wear-resistant parts, and the production data integration, video monitoring integration, and remote control were realized. The equipment operation was simpler, maintenance was more convenient, and reliability and safety were effectively improved. The old pump-type manual lubricator was abandoned and a new self-lubricating system was installed to reduce the unexpected shutdown and maintenance costs.

At the beginning of 2023, the production line was put into operation smoothly. After the equipment was put into use, all functional indicators met the user’s process requirements, and the expected goal of improving quality and efficiency was achieved successfully.  



PLC intelligent system control manufactured by AT

“It was our goal to achieve the most effective recycling of existing resources by means of remanufacturing, which will greatly help alleviate the contradiction between resource shortage and waste, reduce environmental pollution, and have good economic, social and environmental benefits. The development momentum of remanufacturing industry in foreign countries was very rapid, and we also hoped to follow up with Chinese manufacturing enterprises in great strides.” Said GIS responsible.  

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