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Lu Weiping, Chairman of Nanchang CPPCC, Visited NMS


On March 1, Lu Weiping, Chairman of the Nanchang Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, led a team to visit the member enterprise – NMS to know about the development of the enterprise, existing difficulties and problems, and listen to the opinions and suggestions of the members. Gong Youliang, member of the CPPCC Provincial Committee, standing member of the CPPCC Municipal Committee and President of NMS, welcomed the team warmly.

Lu Weiping and his team went into the production workshop to learn about the technical research and development, production process and market development of NMS in detail. He encouraged NMS to work hard, seize the opportunity, focus on promoting technological innovation, constantly improve the core competitiveness of products and market share, and promote the enterprise to become bigger and stronger.

During the visit, Lu Weiping pointed out that the CPPCC should give full play to the platform advantages, actively contribute and widely unite to promote the implementation of the enterprise help policy. Member entrepreneur should strengthen his responsibilities, focus on the main line of “project first, work hard, and seize every minute to fight for the economy”, give full play to his leading role in economic development and the main role in the work of the CPPCC, earnestly perform the functions of member, vigorously promote entrepreneurship, and constantly improve the core competitiveness of enterprise. Relevant functional departments should further strengthen service awareness, enhance communication and docking with enterprise, closely follow the actual needs of enterprise, continue to optimize the development environment, and promote the healthy development of enterprise.

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