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Deepen Cooperation Between Industry, University and Research, NMS Signed a Contract with Jilin University


Recently, the signing ceremony of the cooperation between NMS and Jilin University and the awarding ceremony of 2022 NMS Scholarship were held in Jilin.

Signing of industry, university and research cooperation agreement

Jilin University leaders and NMS President Gong Youliang attended the ceremony.

It is reported that this cooperation will fully rely on the advantages of Jilin University in talent training, scientific research and technological innovation in the mining equipment industry, give full play to the strengths of NMS in production management, manufacturing capacity, marketing and other aspects, combine the mining industry, market advantages and industrial strategic development needs, and effectively integrate high-quality resources of both sides with the goal of improving the technical level and innovation ability of enterprise. Efforts will be made to build a scientific and technological innovation research and development platform that integrates high-tech research and achievement transformation, and jointly build a collaborative innovation center based on scientific and technological innovation with the goal of developing crushing and screening products. The center will be built into a model of industry, university and research cooperation in mineral processing in China.

According to the agreement, the next step is to establish a school enterprise cooperation relationship around talent training, team building, scientific and technological research and development, resource sharing, and other aspects, forming a mutual promotion and common development of professions and industries, and achieving a win-win situation for the university and enterprise. On the same day afternoon, both sides also held discussions on the introduction of master and doctor talents and the topic of intended scientific research cooperation.

Scholarship awarding ceremony

While developing and strengthening itself, NMS firmly fulfills its enterprise social responsibility by establishing scholarship in multiple universities across the country, giving back to society and showing responsibility of private enterprise. Since 2021, NMS has set up scholarships in Jilin University to reward students, encouraging them to be down-to-earth, hard-working and innovative, and accumulate strength to become pillars of the country and actively repay the society. At the ceremony, Gong Youliang, President of NMS, awarded scholarship to 15 outstanding students.

In order to strengthen the talent training of the university, President Gong was appointed as part-time professor and off campus tutor of graduate students in the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering by Jilin University, which reflects the great recognition of the university for himself and NMS. Next, NMS will further strengthen its cooperation with universities in the industry, university and research, continuously promoting technological innovation in enterprise, assisting in talent training and making due contributions to high-level technological self-reliance of the country.

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