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NMS Awarded the Title of “2023 Excellent Supplier” by Wuyang Iron and Steel China-Canada Group


On January 12th, Wuyang Iron and Steel China-Canada Group held the second Supplier Symposium with the theme of “Integrity, Communication, Cooperation, and Win-Win.” Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”) was invited to attend and was honored with the title of “2023 Excellent Supplier” by Wuyang Iron and Steel China-Canada Group. This award once again confirms the high recognition of the client for NMS’s brand strength and quality services.

Wuyang Iron and Steel China-Canada Group, established in 2004, is a large private conglomerate integrating mining, ore dressing, sintering, pelletizing, limestone calcination, oxygen production, power generation, and iron smelting. The group comprises subsidiaries such as Wuyang Iron and Steel China-Canada Co., Ltd., Wuyang Iron and Steel China-Canada Mining Development Co., Ltd., and Wuyang Iron and Steel Jingshan New Material Co., Ltd. It possesses the production capacity of one million tons of iron concentrate, one million tons of raw iron, ten million tons of aggregates, and 900,000 tons of fine powder annually.

In his speech, Junjie Zhang, the General Manager of Wuyang Iron and Steel China-Canada Group, pointed out that in 2024, the group has iteratively upgraded its development strategy, determined to move forward with practical actions, and strive through the challenges. Leveraging its abundant iron ore resources and unique sales advantages, the group is committed to the construction of a modern conglomerate with distinctive features and strong competitiveness. He expressed the hope that the vast network of supplier friends would continue to trust and support Wuyang Iron and Steel China-Canada Group, working together to build a more effective new cooperation mechanism and achieve the development goal of “mutual benefit and win-win.”

Longjie Hu , Assistant to the General Manager of the Domestic Market Business Department of NMS, spoke as the representative of the group and an outstanding supplier. He emphasized that “high-quality products to meet high-end demand” has always been NMS’s positioning for its products. Similarly, only high-end demand can give rise to high-quality products and services, facilitating genuine high-quality cooperation and development. Wuyang Iron and Steel China-Canada Group has consistently demonstrated its pursuit of high quality through practical actions. Whether it is to enhance the taste of every iron concentrate or improve the quality of every grain of mechanism sand and stone, or make full use of every mineral resource, Wuyang Iron and Steel China-Canada Group has been continuously exploring and innovating. It is this steadfast pursuit of product quality that has kept Wuyang Iron and Steel China-Canada Group in a leading position in the industry, regardless of changes in the market environment.

NMS has maintained a high-quality collaboration with Wuyang Iron and Steel China-Canada Group for over 10 years. In 2012, NMS provided Wuyang Iron and Steel China-Canada Group with a complete set of crushing and screening equipment. The equipment exhibited stable performance and high production efficiency, meeting the customer’s expectations. In 2014, facing a challenging situation in the iron ore industry, Wuyang Iron and Steel China-Canada Group courageously embarked on the construction of a 2 million tons per year low-grade iron ore crushing project. The technical teams from both sides thoroughly discussed the project plan, and ultimately, NMS, with its efficient solutions and outstanding corporate and product strength, provided a complete system for the project. Over the years, the system has operated stably, exceeding expected capacity, with an annual output reaching 2.6 million tons.

From 2016 to 2018, Wuyang Iron and Steel China-Canada Group successively carried out technological renovations and expansions on its main beneficiation plant with an annual capacity of 3 million tons. A comprehensive and efficient collaboration unfolded between the two parties. This included the addition of a complete 1 million-ton crushing system project, a wet pre-selection technological renovation project, and the domestication of imported brands for the medium crushing cone and rod feeder screens. Currently, the annual processing capacity of the main beneficiation plant has exceeded 5 million tons, effectively assisting Wuyang Iron and Steel China-Canada Group in reducing costs and increasing efficiency. In terms of after-sales service, NMS’s after-sales service engineers conduct regular follow-ups, providing attentive and skilled technical support, ensuring the stable operation of the equipment.

Application of NMS Equipment in Wuyang Iron and Steel China-Canada Group Project

At the same time, Wuyang Iron and Steel China-Canada Group’s team has always sincerely shared experiences with NMS, treating them like family. This includes insights into the localization of imported brands, rational product suggestions, product optimization and upgrades, directions for new product development, and further improvements in service efficiency. It is these valuable experiences that have allowed NMS to proudly carry the banner of a national brand today. Sincere thanks to every member of Wuyang Iron and Steel China-Canada Group’s team who has contributed to the growth of NMS.

NMS understands is well aware that, in the current highly competitive market environment, improving product quality and service levels is crucial for the survival and development of the enterprise. In future development, NMS will continue to uphold the business philosophy of “professional leadership, integrity first, and altruistic operation,” using quality and service as the foundation. The company will continuously enhance its technological innovation capabilities and quality management standards, striving to provide customers with higher quality products and more efficient services. (Liu Xiaohan)

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