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Steady Operation for Many Years! A Glimpse into the Site of Jingcao Building Materials’ 1000t/h Aggregate Project


In the city of Luanzhou, Hebei, known for its strategic location “nestled against the Yanshan Mountains and facing the Bohai Sea, shielding Beijing and Tianjin, and controlling the external passes,” the 1000t/h Aggregate Project of Luanzhou Jingcao Building Materials Co., Ltd. has been operating steadily for many years.

The owner of this project is a long-time customer of NMS. The equipment from NMS has demonstrated excellent performance, creating considerable benefits for the customer. Therefore, the customer has once again chosen to cooperate with NMS. After several years of testing, NMS has proven, through high-quality product performance and professional service, that the customer’s choice is indeed the right one.

The project adopts a dry production process, and the crushing process is designed as three-stage closed-circuit, mainly utilizing the stripping tailings from iron ore mining to produce high-quality aggregates. The entire production line is equipped with equipment from NMS. For the coarse crushing operation, NMS JC jaw crusher and HPF rod feeder are selected. The intermediate crushing stage uses CC single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, while the fine crushing stage employs 2 units of MC multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. In addition, there are 5 units of YKR circular vibrating screens used for pre-screening and final product screening.

The project’s finished products include 0-5mm manufactured sand and three specifications of premium aggregates: 5-10mm, 10-20mm, and 20-28mm. The finished products have fewer fine materials, good particle size, a higher proportion of coarse aggregates, and high added value.

To meet the strict environmental requirements in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the project adopts a dust removal solution from NMS Environment Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of NMS. This solution includes the application of environmental protection equipment such as PPDC pulse dust collector, two LSDC bag-type row spray dust collectors, and other dust removal and powder selection equipment. The entire set of electrical equipment and integrated control system is provided and installed by NMS’s subsidiary, NMS Automation Technology Co., Ltd., achieving production automation control and effectively reducing labor costs.

Dust Removal Equipment

To ensure the smooth daily operation of the project, NMS After-sales Service Engineers have been dedicated to providing on-site inspections, personnel training, and technical support services, earning high praise from the customers.” (Xiaohan Liu )

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