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NMS Successfully Hosts 2023 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference, Welcoming 2024 with a New Year Celebration


On February 4th, NMS held its 2023 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference, along with the 2024 New Year Celebration. All employees of the company gathered to share joy and achievements, looking forward to the future together.

At the beginning of the conference, Shunshan Li, Chairman of NMS, delivered a speech. Through an original poem titled “Spring,” he expressed affirmation for the achievements of the company and the hard work of the employees in 2023, as well as his deep hopes and expectations for 2024.


In winds and rains, the season returns,

Spring, come back home,

Let’s embrace in joy, let joy roam.


 Feeling weary? Take a seat, rest a while,

Pay no mind to the buds on branches that compile,

Nor the snowflakes beyond the window aisle.


See, you’ve traversed through dust and breeze,

Tresses adorned with the charm of moonlit seas,

In your gaze, traces of fatigue with ease.


Spring of 2023, how have you fared?

I understand,

The journey through seasons, hardship shared,

Sowing, nurturing, in summer’s blazing hand,

Yearning for your cool solace, grand.


Spring, gratitude we extend,

For knowing the world’s tumultuous blend.

Relying on faith, wisdom, and sweat,

In battlefields silent, where gun smoke doesn’t set,

In workshops of steel, in the cosmos vast,

We weave our tomorrow, steadfast.


The chimes of 410, a surpassing sound,

Outshining peers, astound.


 Spring, you’ve returned,

Pear blossoms with dew, lessons learned,

You’re like a youth, radiant and bright,

A fairy, agile and light.

A wave of your hand, mountains and rivers turn green,

With a spring thunder, nature’s vibrant sheen.

Beyond poetry and the distant star,

Pledges and vows, near and far,

Helan Mountain, a piece left ajar.


 Spring is you, spring is me,

Companionship, tender, and free.

Fighting spirit, changing the world with might,

The backdrop of 2024, colored bright.


Spring, spirit of all things,

Mission endowed, the melody it brings.

In this life of ours, a destined birth,

For greatness, we traverse the earth.


The annual conference recognized and awarded outstanding collectives and individuals who made significant contributions and innovative achievements to the company’s development in the past year. The awards included five major categories: “Tech NMS,” “Quality NMS,” “Service NMS,” “International NMS,” and “Profit NMS.” Additionally, to encourage innovation, awards such as “Technological Innovation,” “Management Innovation,” and “Innovation Contribution” were presented.







In addition, to encourage employees for their contributions to corporate culture, outstanding TCC, excellent TCC, and star-rated excellent TCC were selected and awarded banners. Certificates of honor were presented to the TCC Star, TCC Advanced Committee Member, TCC Advanced Volunteer, TCC Advanced Pavilion Leader, and TCC Advanced Promoter for their outstanding achievements in 2023. The awards also included certificates for “Fragrance Ink Depicts NMS, Light and Shadow Towards the Future” – the second calligraphy, painting, and photography exhibition, as well as certificates for the Happy Culture Staff Sports Meeting.






The annual meeting, themed “Improving Quality, Reducing Costs, Enhancing Efficiency, Strengthening Management, Fighting Spirit, Innovating for Others, Expanding Operations,” was a spectacular event where the innovative people of NMS showcased one exciting performance after another, bringing joy to the New Year. Brave and resilient workers transformed into adorable lions, presenting a delightful performance of “Lion Dance Fun Edition.” Workshop uncles in white skirts delivered a singing and dancing performance titled “Love You.” The skit “Where Did All the Time Go” humorously portrayed the “fishing” moments during work. The program “Company Years” expressed beautiful wishes for the company through interviews with new and old employees. The dazzling human-screen interactive dance “This Light Isn’t Too Showy” was a bright moment, while the program “Looking Back, Gazing, Looking Forward” allowed everyone to revisit the company’s development journey. The lively and powerful “Dragon Lantern Dance” conveyed strength, courage, and hope. The humorous and profound “Voice in Its Realm” dubbing show + ancient-style dance made people laugh heartily and contemplate the future. The splendid stage, passionate songs, and outstanding performances presented a visual and auditory feast for everyone.


During the event, the lucky grand prize draw interspersed with the performances continuously heightened the atmosphere, creating a scene filled with surprises and non-stop cheers. (Xiaohan Liu)

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