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Do You Want to Crush High Hardness and High Abrasive Ore? NMS CC800 Cone Crusher Meets Your Requirements!


Based on the improvement of national environmental protection requirements, the efficient utilization of limited resources, and the strategic goal of green and sustainable development, NMS developed CC800 large-scale single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher in 2016. It is widely used in the crushing of all kinds of high strength, high hardness and high abrasive ores. It is suitable for the crushing of secondary, tertiary and ultra-fine materials in mineral processing, and can meet the requirements of the most difficult working conditions.


1. The power of main motor is 750kW and the maximum feeding size is 428mm. Constant discharging port and constant curve crushing chamber technology are adopted to ensure stable and high-quality shape of products.

2.Nine types of chambers are available for a wide range of applications. The chambers can be interchanged for a single host by replacing the movable and fixed cone liners.

3.The modular design is adopted, and the hydraulic disassembly device is equipped. It is convenient and fast to replace the liner and reduce time and cost of the disassembly and assembly.


1.Creatively design an independent six-channel dust-proof system. The high-power high-pressure blower will bring high-pressure air into the crusher through the independent air duct of the lower shell and dust cover to realize positive pressure dust-proof. The dustproof ring is designed with new materials has a longer service life, ensuring stable effect, thus greatly improving the service life of lubricating oil.

2.Upgrade overload protection system. The new overload protection system monitors crushing pressure through the sensor. The AutoRun intelligent control system automatically starts the overload protection function, and the main shaft automatically drops and the CSS becomes larger. After the overload is completed, with the help of displacement sensor, the main shaft automatically rises, and CSS is restored to the set size. With the support of AutoRun intelligent control system, the electronic relief valve has faster response and stronger capacity.

3.The horizontal shaft adopts a double oil seal system. Both the gear end and the coupling are designed with two high-temperature skeleton oil seals, which greatly improves the effect and prolongs the service life of the bearing.


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Some projects

NMS CC800 single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has been applied in many large projects and has been fully praised by customers. Choosing NMS, ensuring quality!

Granite project, Guangdong

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