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NMS CC400 cone crusher: why is it popular for many years?


In the early years, the main cone crushers in China were spring structure and smaller hydraulic cone crushers. There were shortcomings like low automation, high failure rate and low capacity, which were less competitive than imported equipment. In this case, after market research, NMS devoted itself to research and development, and finally developed the new single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher CC400 in 2008.

CC400 cone crusher adopts laminated crushing and automatic control technologies, which has the functions of overload protection, iron tramp protection and automatic compensation for liner wear to give greater play to the efficacy of the crusher.

The main motor power of the equipment is 315kW, which can be widely used in the crushing of all kinds of high hardness and high abrasive ores.

Innovations in practice

After the product launches, NMS R&D engineers improve the equipment based on the actual needs of customers:

In order to completely solve dust prevention, the high-pressure and large air volume blower is adopted, and the anti-lubricating oil splash system is equipped with;

As to improve the service life of the rolling bearing, the pinion assembly adopts an independent lubrication system and a double oil seal structure…

Innovations keep CC400 with vitality. So far, it has eight patents:

  1. An Impact Resistant One-way Throttle Valve (Patent No.: ZL201420389500.4)
  2. A CC Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher (Patent No.: ZL201420389701.4)
  3. Convex Rib Moving Cone Liner of Cone Crusher (Patent No.: ZL201820360876.0)
  4. Multiple Sealing Protection Device for Independent Lubrication System of Horizontal Shaft of Crusher (Patent No.: ZL201821606695.8)
  5. Bottom Shell Assembly of Cone Crusher (Patent No.: ZL202021297543.1)
  6. A Top Nut Assembly of Single Cylinder Cone Crusher (Patent No.: ZL202021044365.1)
  7. A Moving Cone Assembly with Clamping Groove (Patent No.: ZL202021515345.8)
  8. A Fixed Structure of Crusher Moving Cone Plate (Patent No.: ZL202021693856.9)

Innovations during development

Projects prove the popularity and efficiency of CC400.

  1. Manganese ore project, South Africa

  2. CRH Aggregates project, USA

  3. Iron ore project, Anhui

  4. Iron ore project, Inner Mongolia

According to incomplete statistics, so far, the sales volume of NMS CC400 cone has exceeded more than 500 units!

Innovation never stops,

We look forward to cooperating with you.

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