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Research Subject Opening! NMS Post-doctoral Innovation Practice Base Enters the New Development


On January 24, the post-doctoral innovation practice base of Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”) held a post-doctoral opening report meeting with East China Jiaotong University. Sun Hui, Director of Post-doctoral Management Office of Jiangxi Province Human Resources and Social Security Department, Gong Youliang, President of NMS and others attended it.

At the meeting, Dr. Zhou Shengtong from the School of Mechatronics and Vehicle Engineering of East China Jiaotong University reported the basic information of the research on key technologies for improving the working performance of CC400 cone crusher, and reported on the significance, content, plan, expected results, form, feasibility analysis, etc.

The experts of evaluation team reviewed Dr. Zhou Shengtong’s report carefully, put forward valuable guidance on how to improve the research and develop in the direction of industry, study and research, and pointed out the direction of further research. After the comprehensive evaluation, it was considered that the research content of the subject was substantial, the technical route was clear, the feasibility was high, the plan was arranged reasonably, and the expected results can provide support for the effective improvement of the working performance of cone crusher. It was unanimously agreed that the opening passed the review to carry out the research work.

In recent years, NMS attaches great importance to industry, study and research cooperation, makes every effort to build a talent platform, actively introduces and trains young scientific research talents, and gives full play to the main role of high-level innovative young scientific research talents in scientific and technological innovation. In 2020, NMS was approved to set up a doctoral research and innovation center and a post-doctoral innovation and practice base. Since then, NMS has actively promoted the orderly development of post-doctoral training, continuously strengthened the work of postdoctoral innovation and practice base, innovated methods and widened channels, and strived to introduce more excellent post-doctors to build NMS post-doctoral innovation practice base into a reservoir for regional high-end talent introduction and education.

The smooth opening of research subject indicates that the work of post-doctoral innovation practice base has entered a new stage, and also marks that the introduction and training of high-level innovative young talents of NMS have stepped up to a new level. Next, NMS will continue to focus on the work of post-doctoral innovation practice base, drive the significant enhancement of enterprise scientific research strength, achieve breakthroughs in key projects, and find new breakthroughs for significantly improving scientific research level and serving economic development.

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