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NMS Assembles for Resumption of Work


On February 5, Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”) held an opening event of the Production and Delivery Center (PDC) to assemble for resumption of work. Gong Youliang, President of NMS, Li Qiang, Deputy General Manager of PDC, and others attended it.

NMS President Gong was giving red envelopes to employees

President Gong was giving a speech

President Gong Youliang extended new year greetings to the employees who resumed work, and expressed sincere thanks to the operators who took the lead in resuming work and production. He pointed out that 2021 was not easy. With everyone’s joint efforts, NMS has made great achievements, but 2022 will be more difficult. The difficulties lie not only in the high goals set, but also in the economic situation, which is not optimistic. Due to many uncertain factors in the world, the development of many industries has ushered in a turning point and faced with the severe external environment. We should be more serious and down-to-earth, continue to struggle, strive to be the first, go all out for production, treat work as art, treat products and customers carefully, overcome all difficulties, make greater contributions to a stable quarter and a good start with practical achievements, and welcome a better 2022.

Wan Aijun, Member of the Party Work Committee & Deputy General of Wanli and others visited NMS

On the day, Wan Aijun, Member of the Party Work Committee & Deputy General of Wanli and others visited NMS to carry out the two non-stop projects and visits during the Spring Festival, and encouraged NMS to strive to make new achievements and create a new atmosphere in the new year.

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