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Go all out! Go Abroad


In order to ensure the smooth progress of project work in South Africa, further develop the overseas market and practice the development strategy, on Feb.15 (Lantern Festival), the Chinese employee of Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”) South Africa branch, who returned home before Spring Festival packed his luggage and set off for overseas again on the day to sound the bugle of 2022.

The destination of this trip is a manganese ore project in South Africa. The project is in the mining area of Northern Cape. The raw material is high silicon manganese ore, with a designed capacity of 200t/h. A complete crushing and screening production line is composed of MT1150JC tracked jaw crushing plant, MT300MC cone crushing plant and MT1860SR tracked screening plant.

Equipment arrived in the project site

The three sets of equipment shipped before Spring Festival has successively arrived in the project site. The Chinese employee will work with South Africa branch colleagues to provide service for the project, including electrical equipment installation, commissioning and personnel training so as to offer the customer a comprehensive high-quality experience, help the project put into operation as soon as possible and bring considerable benefits to him.

Before leaving, the employees of NMS overseas market business unit saw him off. In order to ensure employee’s safety, the unit prepared the package for going abroad, including medical protective clothing, N95 mask, goggles, medical gloves and other epidemic prevention materials and daily necessities.

See the warrior off

After the first batch of Chinese employees went abroad, other overseas market business unit employees will also set off one after another to various project sites and overseas branch offices distributed globally to meet with NMS foreign colleagues and resident Chinese colleagues during Spring Festival to carry out the work in the new year.

After years of hard work, NMS has become increasing stable in its internationalization. At present, it has established four overseas subsidiaries in Australia, Malaysia, Russia and Africa, and formed a localized marketing, service and management professional team to provide overseas customers with product installation and commissioning, spare parts reserve, technical support and training. NMS overseas popularity and influence have been improved day by day. All this is inseparable from every NMS employee fighting abroad.

Under the current epidemic situation, going abroad is a hard choice, but there are always heroes in harm’s way. The employee who goes on the expedition highlights the spirit of NMS to fight the epidemic and shoulder the responsibility and shows the world the good style and excellent enterprise image. The call of duty, fight in the dilemma, NMS people who has the courage to undertake and challenge is always on the way!

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