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Spring Breeze Comes, Hearts Go forward – NMS 2022 Intern Class Starts!


Recently, Nanchang Mineral Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”) held the opening ceremony of spring interns in 2022. 18 university graduates from all over the country were selected to become NMS interns.

In order to make the graduates adapt to the needs of the work faster and better, and continuously improve their professional skills and employability, this training plan includes training, examination, practice, summary and other contents. It is carried out in the forms of teaching, group discussion and team training. It is a comprehensive and systematic training for them, which is expected to last two months.

During the event, in order to enhance the cooperation ability between interns and effectively promote the centripetal force and cohesion, HR specially organized and carried out ice breaking activity. On the day of the activity, it was freezing. We went to Meiling scenic spot to pick up the trash and beautify the environment with our hands. Next, we visited NMS old factory. By visiting the factory, we fully understood the cultural heritage of NMS and the hardships of the elder NMS people, and felt the extraordinary development of the enterprise. Then, we visited the industrial civilization memorial, experienced industrial culture of Nanchang and felt the profound history precipitation of the enterprise.

It is understood that the intern training program is a key project for NMS to actively respond to the call of governments at all levels to support youth employment, earnestly fulfill social responsibilities and help university graduates improve their employability. It is also a channel for enterprises to find, cultivate and absorb talents. It is hoped that through this training, interns can improve their comprehensive quality, turn the learned knowledge into personal practical ability, give full play to their talents in the enterprise, release their dreams, and simultaneously, bring more innovative thinking and vitality to the rapid development of the enterprise.

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