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NMS Honored as the “Key Collaborative Supplier” by Bensteel Group for 2022-2023


On October 19th, the 2023 National Key Supplier Conference of Bensteel Group, with the theme “Harmony and Collaboration for Mutual Success,” was held in Benxi, Liaoning Province. Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”), as a key supplier partner, was invited to attend the conference and was honored with the title of “Key Collaborative Supplier for 2022-2023” by Bensteel Group.

The conference coincided with the second anniversary of Ansteel Group and Bensteel Group’s reorganization and the establishment of the new Bensteel Group. Since the reorganization of Ansteel Group and Bensteel Group , the development momentum of the new Bensteel Group has been strong, achieving an “acceleration” for Bensteel Group. Yang Wei, the Secretary of the Bensteel Group’s Party Committee and Chairman, stated in his speech that, during their long-term cooperation, Bensteel Group and its suppliers had built a community of shared destiny that went far beyond a simple buyer-seller relationship. Various crude fuel suppliers and equipment component supply enterprises have worked in unity with Bensteel Group, contributing to the creation of one high-quality project after another.

In recent years, while Bensteel Group has vigorously promoted cost reduction efforts, suppliers have regarded Bensteel Group as a strategic ally, willingly providing insights and strategies for cost reduction in raw materials and spare parts. They have also conducted in-depth analyses of spare part usage on Bensteel Group’s production sites, improved their research and development capabilities, shortened manufacturing cycles, and integrated their products with Bensteel Group’s production processes to enhance product performance, thus providing high-quality spare parts for various production lines. Looking ahead, the new Bensteel Group will rapidly enhance its procurement supply chain capabilities, with a focus on establishing mutually beneficial and complementary relationships, striving to create a collaborative and win-win supply chain ecosystem and a hub for nurturing high-quality suppliers, ensuring mutual growth with a wide array of suppliers.

During the conference, Bensteel Group leaders presented awards to key cooperation suppliers, outstanding suppliers, and suppliers with exceptional contributions. NMS received the “Key Cooperation Supplier” award, which recognizes NMS’s outstanding performance in product quality and responsive service.

NMS is one of the leading domestic suppliers of high-end mining equipment and services, primarily engaged in the research, design, production, sales, and after-sales services related to crushing and screening equipment for metal mines and sand and gravel aggregates. In the first phase of the NanFen Green Beneficiation Efficiency Improvement and Intelligent Transformation Project by Bensteel Group, 5 CC800 single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers and 2 HPF2060 bar feeders from North Mining Group were utilized.

NMS boasts a strong technical service team that provides comprehensive support to its partners by offering timely and effective pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services. They actively embody the company’s business philosophy of “Professional Leading, Integrity First, Altruistic Business.” Since the initial installation of the equipment, professional after-sales service engineers from NMS’s subsidiary, Jiangxi Gold Intelligent Service Engineering Technology Co., LTD., have been stationed on-site, providing technical support, guidance, and operation training to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment. Since the project’s commissioning, NMS’s equipment has demonstrated stable and efficient operation, delivering exceptional performance. Additionally, NMS’s service engineers have proactively considered the equipment usage scenario, devising scientifically rational spare parts plans to reduce downtime losses and capital utilization, thus providing robust support for stable production and cost reduction.

As a partner of Bensteel Group, NMS will continue to dedicate itself to the innovation of crushing and screening equipment, enhancing its core competitiveness, optimizing its services, and providing comprehensive solutions to further deepen the cooperation between the two sides, thereby contributing to the high-quality development of the mining industry.

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