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NMS successfully hosted the “International NMS Marketing Day and 18th Anniversary Celebration” event


In the golden October, we all gathered for a joyful rendezvous. On October 6th, Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”) hosted the “International NMS Marketing Day and 18th Anniversary Celebration” event. More than a hundred employees and their family members from NMS, its subsidiary Jiangxi Xinkuang Intelligent Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., and Nanchang Xinli Wear-Resistant Materials Co., Ltd. attended the event. Vice President of NMS, Liu Min, was present at the event and delivered a speech.

This event marks the third annual marketing day organized by NMS. To celebrate the 18th successful year of implementing the “International NMS” strategy, Vice President of NMS, Liu Min, took the lead in cutting the “International NMS” birthday cake. This act symbolizes recognition of the achievements in expanding the company’s overseas markets over the past 18 years and represents the anticipation and confidence in the future development of “International NMS”. During the sharing session, outstanding employees from the NMS’s overseas/domestic marketing departments, as well as its subsidiary Xinkuang Intelligent Engineering Technology, shared their experiences. Even NMS employees located in the United States participated online to share and interact with everyone.

In 2005, NMS established Shanghai Kaicai Industrial Co., Ltd., marking the official beginning of its expansion into international markets. Over the course of 18 years, NMS has significantly broadened its presence in overseas markets. NMS has set up a research and development center in Sweden, taking a step towards internationalization in research and development. With the establishment of subsidiaries or branches in Russia, Malaysia, Australia, and South Africa, NMS’s international market footprint has steadily expanded. Thanks to a professional overseas localization service system and timely spare parts supply, NMS’s products are now sold in over 60 countries and regions, making “International NMS” a well-established presence in the global market.

On the day of the event, an awards ceremony was held as part of the marketing day activities. Nearly twenty awards were presented, including awards such as the “Sales Support System Development Award,” “Service-Driven Sales Award,” “Regional Market Expansion Award,” “Sales Champion Team Award,” “Sales Champion Award,” “Sales Star Award,” “Sales Innovation Award,” “Best Team Award,” and “After-Sales Service Star Award.” These awards were given to recognize outstanding teams and individuals for their remarkable performance in their work, encouraging everyone to continue contributing to the high-quality development of the company.

The event organizers also thoughtfully planned a map sticker game, where children were asked to mark the locations of NMS’s subsidiaries and spare parts warehouses around the world. This activity aimed to deepen the children’s understanding of NMS’s development history and achievements, allowing them to connect with NMS’s culture and bring families closer together. During the event, the company provided snack packages and souvenirs for everyone. Various colorful recreational activities, such as a petting zoo, a human-powered roller coaster, a mini-train ride, a pirate ship, a rainbow slide, jungle adventures, and live-action CS games, were organized. These activities brought joy to both adults and children during the National Day holiday, strengthening family bonds and enhancing employee cohesion and a sense of belonging. The event concluded on a high note amid laughter and smiles.

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